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Collect & Analyze All

  • Analyze and consolidate machine data: logs, performance, transactions and more
  • Break data silos, run queries across all your data and turn data into insight
  • Track transactions, errors, exceptions, failures and learn what, why and where
  • Real-time and historical analytics for 10x improvement in MTTR

Reduce & Manage Risk

  • Spend less time analyzing mountains of data
  • Eliminate finger pointing and reduce blame
  • Scale your team, boost innovation
  • Find security threats faster

Improve Customer Experience

  • Track user & app activities on browser, mobile & server side
  • Know what your users do with your app
  • Deep dive into your application performance down to method calls
  • Learn trends & patterns in your data without PhDs on staff

Do you know what’s lurking in your data?

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jKool Platform Overview


Cloud and On-premise

  • Use jKool as a service or deploy in your datacenter
  • Available in IBM SmartCloud or deploy in Docker
  • True multi-tenancy (organizations, teams, accounts, repositories)
  • Streaming, Analytics & Visualization in one platform

Unified Data Model

  • Analyze logs, metrics, transactions without defining data models
  • Historical & Stream analytics using jKool clustered compute platform
  • Automated data management, expiration based on time-to-live (TTL)

Scale & Elasticity

  • Handle high volumes of complex, concurrent data streams in near real-time
  • User queries split and run in parallel for high performance
  • Stream, run queries and get insight without deploying complex infrastructure
Ease of Use

Simple, Easy to Use

  • Stream and talk to your data in (almost) English
  • Run wizards to extract meaning from your data
  • Use jKool Query Language and explore your data without having a Ph.D. in data science

Insight & Analytics

  • Learn what’s important, build charts, graphs, maps and topologies
  • Instantly see what is normal and what is an anomaly
  • Rich set of functions, filters, time windows, aggregations, correlations to help you find hidden patterns in your data

Location Aware Analytics

  • Trace and track transactions, end-user behavior
  • Geo tag events and run location based queries
  • Learn how your apps are used based on location, features

Extend and Build

  • Open source streaming ecosystem including Java and Restful APIs
  • Run simulations to mock up use cases without concrete data sources
  • Use RESTful to stream or query jKool streams and build your own applications

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What is jKool?

Streaming, Analytics Service, Query Language, APIs & Visualization

Lambda Architecture

jKool implements Lambda Architecture

  • Real-time stream and batch processing for short term and long term analytics
  • Fault-tolerance against hardware, software and storage failures
  • Clustered computing for injesting high volume streams, query processing
  • Data replication, TTL (time-to-live) for all streaming data
  • No schema to define, no data to manage: stream and data auto-expires based on TTL
  • Open source connector ecosystem lets developers build extensions quickly

Analytics Service

  • Built on cutting edge clustered computing platform to deliver near real-time analysis, tracking, stitching
  • All streams are split into 2: stream and batch processing
  • Rich set of analytical and math operators applied to detect patterns, anomalies
  • Run real-time aggregations on incoming data and compute stats based on time windows

Query Language (JKQL)

  • Analyze behavior using English like expressions: compare, summarize, anomalies, count, bucket, analyze relationships and much more
  • Can be used by developers, business analyst, Ops or DevOps
  • Geo-fencing, location based queries, tracking by latitude and longitude and anomaly detection by location

Streaming Ecosystem

  • Stream anything time series using simple logging paradigm
  • Consolidate and analyze all your logs from any source
  • Streaming ecosystem is open source(available on GitHub)


  • Simple, easy to use web based visualization
  • Run queries and instantly turn results into graphs, charts, real-time views
  • Create dashboards tailored to your job function: DevOps, Ops, Developer, Business

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