Top 5 programming languages for DevOpsKnowing how to rack and stack servers isn’t an in-demand skill at this stage. Most businesses aren’t building physical datacenters. Rather, we’re designing and building service capabilities that are hosted in public cloud environments. The infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed through code. This is the heart of the DevOps movement—when an organization can define their infrastructure in lines of code, automating most (if not all) tasks in the datacenter becomes possible.

Learning the development languages involved in DevOps, and five programming languages that are most relevant: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, and C.


Python has become an all-purpose language in infrastructure. It has been used to build cloud infrastructures projects such as OpenStack, and even supports web applications through frameworks such as Django. Python is an approachable language with a wide range of uses.


Ruby is used in a number of infrastructure projects. ManageIQ, for example, is a Ruby on Rails app. At my job at Red Hat, I often joke with customers that with ManageIQ (and CloudForms), users are only 10 lines of Ruby code away from doing anything.


The ecosystem of JavaScript frameworks and projects continues to grow at an astounding pace. From client-side JavaScript to server-side frameworks, huge swathes of the Internet run on JavaScript.


The Go language was introduced in 2009, and has made quite a splash in the market since its introduction. The designers of the language were focused on making a statically typed language that is human readable, but that also performs well at scale.



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