The healthcare industry could have a lot riding on IoTThe Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities that make the world of tomorrow seem closer than ever before.

Although just a small sub-set of IoT’s potential applications, its ability to revolutionize the mundane in healthcare and medicine is spurring some interesting developments.

For starters, you wouldn’t have to lug around your own paperwork.

By harnessing the cloud and eliminating the usual challenges related to exchanging and analyzing patient data — traditionally faced by healthcare providers — you could simply walk in to your nearest clinic for a checkup without fretting if they’ve got you on file.

If you’ve got a prescription to fill out, just send it to a pill printer from where you’ll pick it up later. Or better yet, you’ll have an online connected healthcare marketplace at your fingertips. Just log in, have your doc’s system automatically tell them what you need, and have it sent home without any hassles.

If you’re worried about counterfeit pills or someone skimming off your package, don’t.

Chances are your prescription order is secured by something like SMARTpack, an IoT-enabled product developed by UK-based Eurosoft Systems Ltd. (ESL). With smart packaging, tracking, and counterfeit protection, you can be sure your package hasn’t been tampered with. It’s a pretty nifty system that assures you (and your pharmacy) that you’re getting a pristine product.