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    To stream data to jKool follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Download the jKool event streaming library from
    2. Copy the files and from the package and place in a location so that they are included in classpath.
    3. Edit and replace the stanza for “source: *” with the following:
    source: *
    tracker.factory: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.tracker.DefaultTrackerFactory
    dump.sink.factory: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.dump.DefaultDumpSinkFactory
    event.sink.factory: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.sink.BufferedEventSinkFactory
    event.sink.factory.EventSinkFactory: com.nastel.jkool.gateway.sink.GatewayEventSinkFactory
    event.sink.factory.EventSinkFactory.Token: (INSERT YOUR ACCESS TOKEN HERE)
    event.formatter: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.format.JSONFormatter
    tracking.selector: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.selector.DefaultTrackingSelector
    tracking.selector.Repository: com.nastel.jkool.tnt4j.repository.FileTokenRepository

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