Tremendous Volumes – High Latency – High Expense

A tremendous volume of time-series events is generated as products flow from the factory to the store to your customers. These events are created electronically via applications and sensors over a product’s distribution life-cycle from:

  • order transmit
  • pick
  • pack
  • transport
  • consolidation and
  • final ship

Retail Distribution Management requires real-time visibility of these goods as they move across the supply chain. Today, relatively inexpensive sensors are being embedded everywhere possible in the supply chain. This allows users in retail distribution to rapidly identify problems as they occur. However, this process can in many cases generate tens of millions of events per day across multiple geographically located distribution centers. Traditionally, the approach has been to store and access this data using relational databases costing tens of millions of dollars in capital investment. In addition to the high cost, this approach is disadvantageous in its high latency – it is slow. Acquiring insight, could take hours or even days.


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Performance at Lower Cost

jKool addresses the retail distribution scenario with a solution that is orders of magnitude less expensive, at the same time delivering greater performance and availability Instead of the hours or days of the standard approach, jKool can provide insight in minutes, seconds or even sub seconds. jKool provides a SaaS solution where cost is a pay per use model. Users are charged on the quantity of events streaming to the service and their retention. When the service is not being used there is no charge.

There are:

  • no databases
  • no schemas
  • no licenses to manage

There is no cost for infrastructure, maintenance and operations. jKool provides real-time analysis of the time-series events in retail distribution while its Geo-fencing capabilities help you evaluate trends in the supply chain that are location specific. Users can finally get out of the business of being beholden to their infrastructure

With jKool, Retail Distribution personnel can focus on the perishable insights in their data before it exceeds its shelf-life resulting in a faster distribution of goods across the supply chain with as much as a 90% reduction in cost.