The Industrial Internet

Big Data analytics is the foundation of the industrial internet. The IoT cuts across almost all industries as they join the industrial internet. Organizations are embedding ever-increasing amounts of sensors in the environment. These sensors are inserted into processes ranging from sports, automotive, manufacturing to supply chain detecting the movement of products from pallet to truck. They are also used for:

  • Monitoring energy consumption and pump performance in the aircraft industry
  • Tagging patients to monitor their vitals in hospitals
  • Wind mills used by the energy companies to generate power
  • Tracking and measuring sport team performance

The challenge to businesses is to be able to collect the voluminous time-series data these sensors are generating, analyze them and take action to optimize operations while the data is still fresh and relevant. We call this data Fast Data — Big Data in motion.


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Making Sense of the IoT

jKool can make sense of IoT data arriving from your sensors in real-time. It was built from the ground up to consume high velocity time-series data generated by sensors, software, hardware and other devices generating machine data. As a SaaS solution, scaling and adding capacity while maintaining 100% up-time happens without any intervention on your part. Search and analyze you data to deliver experiences that will drive engagement and growth.

Ingest, analyze and visualize tremendous amounts of data-in-motion

jKool streaming analytics provides data analysis as data arrives instead of sometime later when it may be stale. The rich, built-in set of streaming operators makes it easy to:

  • aggregate, summarize
  • detect anomalies & outliers
  • detect trends and bottlenecks.
  • determine call to action

Advanced functions such as Bollinger Bands, candlesticks, geo-maps, topologies turn raw low value data into high value insight. jKool English-like query language allows business users to interact with the data, build dashboards without the need for data scientist.

With jKool, your organization can “talk with their data” and rapidly spot the patterns that represent opportunities for operational improvement, risk management and efficiency. jKool was designed for the IoT and can help organizations make the most out of their data as fast as it arrives.