Ever Growing Volumes of Data

Healthcare providers and insurers produce large volumes of ever-growing data about patients, treatments, electronic health records, clinical trials, claims and incidences. In addition there are compliance regulations externally imposed on these groups such HIPAA where the 80-20 rule requires that operational costs do not exceed 20% of overall costs so that patient care expenses can be at least 80% of the total.

Unfortunately, the real-time visibility necessary to measure this and other time-series metrics such as performance of providers across:

  • Geo-locations
  • Patient outcomes and
  • Bottlenecks in the claims process

or the effectiveness of clinical trials is difficult to achieve. Without real-time visibility and metrics, it is difficult to improve patient care and reduce costs.

Medical research data also must be stored, potentially forever. The data sets for medical research can be quite large.   Preserving this data indefinitely is another important big data requirement. This ensures that a medical paper published will always have the supporting data available.


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Helping Healthcare Providers and Insurers

jKool can be used to help healthcare providers and insurers ensure the best patient care at the lowest cost. jKool, a SaaS solution is economical as you no longer have ongoing infrastructure and personal costs for analysis of your time-series data. This streaming analytics solution is fast, providing analysis as the data arrives as opposed to traditional methods of capture data, transform for reporting, store and then analyze. jKool enriches your data via its ability to correlate multiple streams into a single enriched view. It is also easy-to-use enabling a business user to instantly derive insight from their data using a wide variety of streaming operators and visualizations.

With jKool’s instant insight into the “stories your data has to tell”, Healthcare organizations will be able to improve the care they provide to patients at the same time they maintain low cost.

Real-time Monitoring of Patient Vitals

Wireless sensors can capture and stream patient data to a big data repository. Real-time alerts along with predictive analysis can greatly improve patient outcomes.


jKool can visualize and analyze patient care information in real-time. In this example clinical and administrative data is being streamed to jKool using HL7 and web sockets. jKool is a SaaS solution, multi-tenant, running in the Cloud. It provides real-time visualization and analysis of streaming data.


This jKool Viewlet example illustrates hospital events for the latest hour as pie chart. We then drilled into a slice of the pie that was “red”, an error in accounting. The console opens up and we can “drill into” the details of the health insurance claims and the related accounting errors. Of course, this is just sample data, your screen will reflect whatever data your sources stream to jKool.


This jKool Viewlet example shows a stack chart highlighting the latest week’s hospital events grouped by name and when they started in hourly increments. The stack chart option lets you show a lot of data in a highly compacted form. This lets you communicate important information, succinctly. We have also drilled down into “Review Vitals” to see its details.


The two scorecards above illustrate how we can visualize patient data-in-motion. Here in the first scorecard , we are illustrating hospital activities and below we are showing patient vitals.


This Viewlet shows a drill down into the even “Discharge Office” where we see the detailed records for all events related to “discharge”. This is sample data that was streamed to jKool from an example application.