Identify risk & opportunities
Make data driven decisions
Reduce cost, increase revenue
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Get insight into customers
products, measure experience
Spot bottlenecks, outliers and anomalies
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Acquire a scalable and manageable system
As a service or on-premise
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Create smart applications, capture performance, behavior, usability, flow.
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DevOps / Developers


Development tools

jKool provides tools for capturing, streaming events and metrics to jKool Cloud for real-time analysis, diagnostics and trends. They include:

  • JESL, an open-source Event Streaming Library.
  • Spark, an open-source library that implements SparkListener for SparkContext. Stream Spark data to jKool for real-time visualization.
  • StreamJMX, an open source framework to stream JMX metrics to file, socket, log4j, monitoring tools, user defined.
  • Tracking Filter, a simple end-user monitoring for JEE web applications.
  • Log4j/SLF4j/Logback . A log4j appender that enhances the capabilities of Log4j with the ability to annotate, enrich and stream events to log files or other event sinks such as
  • Simulator. Simulate the data you would see using a collector without deploying one, and learn in advance the benefits you will receive using jKool.
  • Syslog. Consolidate syslogs from multiple servers to a single pane of glass and help determine root cause faster.

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Use jKool to spot trends and resolve problems faster. No more will you suffer the frustration and complexity from manually piecing a story together from multiple logs. jKool can capture “the story” of “what happened” across multiple data sources.

You will no longer need to spend so many cycles assisting support as jKool will enable the production support group to be able to resolve most problems without a lot of time from development.

jKool can help rapidly isolate misbehaving applications and set them straight. It helps reduce the effort, pain and cost in diagnosing applications so you can get you back to coding!

JESL can be used for tracking and tracing activities, transactions, behavior and performance via an API that behaves much like a logging framework.

  • Trace application behavior and performance in order to improve diagnostics
  • Track end-user behavior in order to improve usability, customer satisfaction
  • Track topology, communications, and relationships between entities
  • Track messages, binary, text, video, image, voice, etc.
  • Track location, mobility, GPS of your applications, users
  • Track anything worth tracking in your application
  • Know what happened, when, why

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Business Users

Get insight, instantly

Get insight, instantly

jKool will help you spot the patterns in your data that lead to actionable insights. Its pre-built, real-time analytics help you remain agile even in volatile markets. You can, for example match customers with the most appropriate products, analyze user data per procedure, offer effective loyalty rewards or analyze risk. With jKool you can easily identify behavior patterns in your data in order to adjust as changes occur.

Respond to Trends

Respond to Trends

Insight comes from jKool’s real-time analysis of trends. In the past this sort of analysis was often done in batch. However, with today’s volume of data and rate of change this may no longer be viable. Trends are perishable, have a “shelf-life” and rapidly “expire”. They offer an opportunity for you to act and take advantage of them, but only if you are aware of them as they happen. jKool provides that instant awareness to enable you to rapidly respond to trends. Utilizing its analytics you can better understand which parameters lead to success and thus, help define more effective key performance indicators to measure your success and further grow it.


Big Data in Motion

Big Data in Motion

In today’s mobile world data is arriving from locations across the globe. Often this data has meaning that differs by location. jKool captures and correlates data by location. This enables you to make decisions not only based on trends but also on behavior that is location-specific.

Self Service


Using jKool’s flexible, easy-to-use dashboard and English query language the business user can create ad-hoc queries and immediately garner previously unknown insights from their data. And this can be done without any knowledge of the underlying technology.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

With the knowledge available instantly from jKool, you can make the decisions that you can improve customer retention and grow your business.

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Data Scientists

Detect Trends in Real Time

Detect trends in real-time

jKool is used by the Data Scientist to analyze their data and organize the environment that the business will use. They can utilize jKool to identify trends, determine cause and effect and set up correlations. Utilizing these capabilities they are able to spot outliers, perform bottleneck analysis and forecast.

Spot Bottlenecks

Spot bottlenecks

Spotting bottlenecks is an essential part of performance analysis –whether it is computer software performance or sales performance. jKool can be used to detect where performance is trending slower measure resource consumption trends and correlate other concurrent activities in order to determine the cause of the bottleneck.

Identify Interesting Correlations

Identify interesting correlations

jKool can analyze multiple concurrent activities and spot unsuspected correlations from this analysis such as rate of sales by location, time and user demographics. The correlations may open up new business opportunities that can provide positive value if acted upon rapidly.

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Data Engineers

Aquire a Scalable and Manageable System

Acquire a scalable and manageable system

The Data Engineer can utilize jKool as either a SaaS solution to save on capital expenditures or as an on premises solution in order to deliver the best platform to their users. jKool can scale to handle the largest requirements that would be necessary for the business to perform real-time analysis. jKool’s Lambda Architecture provides the performance and robustness the business requires.

Ops can Run it

Ops can run it

Utilizing the built in monitoring and management features, jKool can be easily managed by Operations without creating burdening the Data Engineering group.

Provides Data Scientists with the Right Access

Provides Data Scientists with the right access

jKool’s flexible and easy to use dashboard provides the Data Scientists with an interface where it is easy to run ad-hoc queries and easy to display them in tabular or chart form.

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