Reviewing the Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2016 for Financial Services - 7 months laterReading it again, 7 months later, Sean O’Dowd (MapR) indeed mentioned the accurate Big Data Trends in 2016 for financial services, well done !

So let’s review it – 7 months later (my comments in Bold):

1.Machine learning will accelerate – at least made a lot of interest, not yet fully production

2.Gaps will become more evident between the leaders and the laggards – totally true – mainly relevant for Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 banks

3.Data governance, lineage, and other compliance aspects will become more deeply integrated with big data platforms – not yet, indeed relevant but not yet well deployed (but it’s only July)

4.Financial services organizations are struggling to understand how to leverage IoT data – still struggling.

5.Integration into trade, portfolio management, and advisor applications becomes a more prominent feature for software providers.- still to come but for sure an accurate claim

6.Risk and regulatory data management continue to be the top big data platform priorities.- Risk, yes. Regulatory data,not yet.

7.The adoption of Hadoop for R:BASE storage and access will proliferate within financial services – accurate ! Hadoop is all around us now…

8.Financial services “big data killer apps” gain wider recognition in the market – encountered some of them, a growing portion.

9.Operations becomes, and always has been, the last frontier that gains traction – seeing and feeling the movement but still the last frontier.

10.The institutional side of the bank will start to adopt and take cues from the retail line of business on ways to improve understanding, marketing, and targeting of clients – accurate !

Well done Sean O’Dowd

Ido Biger



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