How jKool Analyzes Streaming Data in Real Time with DataStax

With the need to ingest and analyze massive volumes of data, today’s businesses require continuous uptime, fast response time, flexible queries, elasticity and ease of use when leveraging their data. Amplifying this challenge is the need to interpret this data to make better business decisions and deliver more engaging customer experiences.

jKool, a SaaS-based solution for real-time visualization and analytics of logs, metrics and transactions relies on the DataStax Platform to address the needs of the many businesses who have adopted the mandate to store and analyze everything. jKool’s easy-to-use solution enables DevOps to find and fix problems faster and deliver a high quality application experience to customers. Through its abilities to detect anomalies, discover topologies and analyze application behavior, jKool’s real-time diagnostics provides instant insight into the opportunities in data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

In this webinar, the management at jKool will share their journey with DataStax; how jKool knew from the start that traditional relational databases wouldn’t work for the scalability and availability demands of time-series data, and why they turned to DataStax Enterprise for blazing performance and powerful enterprise search and analytics capabilities.

Watch the Webinar: