Q&A Transcript – Capture Real-time Operational Intelligence from Big Data

Albert Mavashev, CTO at jKool, answered specific questions on how to find and fix problems faster.

Get answers to specific questions on how to glean insight from your machine data using real-time analytics. Albert shared tips that will enable you to quickly understand your customers’ needs, improve diagnostics, identify trends as they are happening, be predictive, and take action in real-time.

Read the transcript to see specific questions, including:

  • How can I make data-driven decisions and detect anomalies
  • How can I discover topologies and analyze app behavior
  • How can I better diagnose issues and determine causality
  • How can I reduce the amount of time our developers spend diagnosing application problems and get them back to developing?
  • What kind of technical expertise does my staff need to take advantage of real-time analytics and visualization?

Read the Transcript: