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For DevOps professionals, the ultimate competitive advantage would be to know everything that’s happening – from detecting performance problems before they cause delays to discovering trends. To achieve this awareness, businesses need to be able to analyze and visualize machine data including: logs, metrics and transactions in real time.

Read this whitepaper to learn how jKool accomplishes this, visualizing what you need to know on a single pane of glass. Staffers no longer have to piece together stories from disparate logs. Using jKool, staff will be able to diagnose most app problems in 2 clicks.

Get root-cause 10x faster

Understand all aspects of managing and making the most of real-time data, including:

  • How DevOps can identify trends and use them to make better decisions
  • How to diagnose problems in just a couple of clicks
  • How to detect anomalies and determine causality
  • How jKool offers immediate insight, analytics and visualization
  • The dashboard options available to compare, average, and examine all performance metrics with vivid colors and diverse visuals

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