Easily stream data from your apps to the jKool SaaS

Follow these simple steps to use the API:

  1. Within your application, stream data in JSON format in the body of Restful POST requests.
  2. Download the Java API client is provided on GitHub
  3. Using this client, populate the provided Java objects you wish to send to jKool
  4. Populate the provided Java objects you wish to send to jKool and put the token you received when you signed up for jKool in the request header
  5. Java objects will automatically convert to the proper JSON format when POSTed.

For Non-Java Clients:

  1. For clients other than Java, a Swagger yaml file is provided.
  2. This yaml file can be used with the Swagger Code Generator to generate the desired client code.
  3. The swagger yaml file can also be used to obtain clear documentation on the details of each data field.

To view your data:

  1. Log into your jKool dashboard
  2. Select your repository. Streamed data does not appear in the Sample repository which is read-only
  3. Enter a jKQL command to see your data, e.g. get events