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Delivers insight, instantly!

jKool analyzes fast data such as logs, metrics, transactions in real-time. As a result, you can focus on finding insight and opportunities in your data.

This query shows how jKool automatically detects anomalies. The Anomaly Chart uses Bollinger Bands and Exponential Moving Averages (EMA’s) to detect anomalies when an event cross either the lower or upper bands.

Reduces the time it takes to find ‘interesting’ correlations, Identify anomalies and unexpected behavior and take action.

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User configurable dashboard

All viewlets are composed of questions in the form of a jKQL query.


Dashboard is made up of multiple viewlets
Viewlets are provided for tables, comparison, charts, scorecard, heat maps, candlesticks and topology
Built in HTML 5, the dashboard supports both browser and tablet

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High-level, English-like query language

Data is reality. If you want to know what is happening, use jKQL to have a “talk with your data”


jKQL’s query builder auto completes your sentences removing any learning curve.

See more jKql Query examples

jKool’s Elastic Grid

jKool Query Grid processes jKQL queries in parallel, delivering linear scalability.

jKool Compute Grid analyzes your data in real-time providing instant insight.

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Application Analytics as a Service

Unified application analytics across apps and data silos.

Stream fast data to jKool for in-memory, real-time & historical analysis with extreme scalability
Detect patterns, bottlenecks, and anomalies within and across apps
Multi-Tenancy with private data repositories
GeoFencing is provided to track activities as data moves across locations
Correlation & transaction tracking combines data from multiple sources, across apps


jKool comes preloaded with sample data to let you get started right away!