jKool - Streaming Analytics - "Talk with your data"Get past the wall in performance & availability you are hitting


jKool LLC, a new company, spinning-off from Nastel Technologies is a highly scalable, SaaS solution for streaming analytics of Big Data. The jKool API is used to add real-time analytics to applications which will now be able to stream data into the service at jKoolCloud.com.  The service analyzes the data as it arrives, delivering its users instant insight.

The story of the origin of jKool is interesting. 

Some of Nastel’s customers found themselves hitting up against the upper limits of the performance and scalability of their relational databases.  These customers were trying to acquire insight into their customer data in order to make strategic decisions for competitive advantage.  And to further complicate the situation, the value in the data had a shelf-life.  If they didn’t figure out what the data meant quick enough, it would be stale and worthless.

Light Up Your Apps

At Nastel, we realized these businesses had a true Big Data problem.  Thinking this through,  we defined Big Data as:

  • more data than you can handle
  • to acquire the insight you need
  • in the time allotted
  • at a cost you can afford.

Nastel, as you know, has been a pioneer in the use of real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing (CEP). We wondered, “what if we could take our expertise in real-time analytics and apply our over 20 years of expertise and experience to the problem of big data”.  Instead of building another solution for IT Operations like our AutoPilot product line, “why not build something for the business side of the house”. We also were aware that the business would want instant gratification and would not want to be involved with the inherent messiness of deployments or the management of software licenses.

As a result, we decided to build a new solution aimed at delivering economical, instant insight to the business as a service for streaming analytics of Big Data. For the last nine months or so we have been working on our SaaS solution, jKool. The expertise came from our experience at Nastel; however, the technology is all new built on NoSQL, layered with compute and query grids of our own invention in order to make its usage as easy possible for the business user, our target user.  We built a brand new user interface using HTML 5 and created a query language suitable for business users called jKQL, jKool Query Language (pronounced Jackal). Helping keep our solution economical, we placed our API for jKool into open source on GitHub.

I invite you to take a look at what we have done with jKool at its website:  jKoolCloud.com.

jKool is available and offers a free tier so you can try it out yourself at no charge.  Please give it a spin and let us know your feedback.