How-Advanced-Analytics-and-Machine-Learning-Are-Transforming-HealthcareIt is imperative in the Healthcare Industry not to compromise the quality of care but be able to reduce expenses at the same time. By doing this; Big Data in healthcare is being seen as a huge potential to improve patient care and the ability to obtain reasonable costs. In this article, it speaks about how organizations shift towards more technology-based solutions that curb the need for costly spending. As healthcare organizations shift towards more technology driven solutions advanced analytics and machine learning become the main focus to these solutions.

Big Data has the ability to predict epidemics, cure disease and avoid preventable deaths; thus allowing medicine and the pharmaceutical industry a better understanding of the biology of disease. Big Data is used to diagnostic and pick up on warning signs of serious illnesses at a much early stage which then allows treatment to be far simpler and less expensive than if it had not been spotted until later.  According to this article EMC reports, 35% are using Big Data t0 improve patient care, 31% to reduce care costs, 28% to improve health outcomes and 22% to increase early detection.

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