JKool LLC. Announces an Easy-to-Use, Open Source, SaaS Solution for Quickly Capturing the Business Value of Big Data

Query Language and Visualization Tool Provide Business Insights in Real Time

Melville, NY—October 22, 2014jKool, LLC today announced its new, software-as-a-service
(SaaS) solution for analyzing Big Data in real time. JKool™ is designed to spot the patterns in
data that lead to actionable insights. Often the value hidden in this data is perishable, requiring
immediate action before it becomes stale. JKool’s near real-time analysis of time-series data is
able to capture insight, instantly. After an initial preview period, jKool LLC. will introduce a paid
subscription service that companies can use on a regular basis.

JKool provides a number of streaming operators as part of its service including: Bollinger Bands,
aggregates and filters in order to automatically detect outliers and anomalies. It also considers
that data can be location-specific with meaning that is location-explicit. Its geo-fencing
capability is helpful in detecting patterns in behavior that are linked to individual geographies.
JKool is different than other tools in its innate ease-of-use, open-source approach and high
scalability. As a SaaS solution, there is nothing to install or maintain. The solution features a
simple, mobile-friendly web dashboard and an English-like query language called JKQL that lets
users converse ad hoc with their data and then interact with the visuals on the dashboard.

The service provides an open source API, TNT4J, which makes it easy to stream information into
the jKool cloud service. TNT4J is available on GitHub at https://github.com/Nastel/TNT4J. JKool
scales transparently, parallelizing natural-language queries in order to quickly reveal cause and
effect, correlations between disparate data points, locations, bottlenecks, and outliers that are
integral to how businesses perform.

“To date, business analytics has been reserved for the largest companies with the biggest
budgets and a plethora of experts,” said Charley Rich, vice president of product management at
jKool. “jKool offers big data analytics for the rest of us—businesses of all sizes and across
industries. We’re inviting everyone to try the service, use its sample data, download the open
source API and understand how they can really use their data, not simply save it.”

jKool designed the technology and service in response to the evident need from sectors such as
financial services, healthcare and advertising to get at the business insights buried in timeseries
data. These may include trends on how, when and where consumers are behaving in the
purchasing process, how the market is reacting or trends in healthcare over time.

jKool offers:

  • Near real-time analysis of immense volumes of time-series data.
  • An English language query builder to make it easy for business users to get meaningful
    insights from data.
  • Installation-free experience.
  • Extensible open-source TNT4J API for data capture.
  • A flexible query-driven UI for multiple visualization options.

For more information, visit www.jkoolcloud.com.

About jKool, LLC
jKool, LLC provides open source technology and a cloud-based service to provide real-time
analytics from immense data volumes. The company’s technology features analytics as well as
visualization tools to help business users and data scientists understand the trends hidden in
data and immediately apply them to business decisions. For more information about the
company, visit www.jkoolcloud.com.

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