jKool Extends Transaction Tracking Capabilities

Helps Ensure Superior End-User Experience

Melville, NY May 11, 2016 – jKool, a global provider of IT Operational Intelligence solutions, today announces availability of full transaction tracking capabilities for browsers, Java, and non-Java platforms.

According to jKool’s CTO Albert Mavashev, “Complete end-to-end transaction tracking is absolutely essential to measure and maintain top-notch end-user experiences. Traditional performance monitoring can lull IT specialists into thinking all is well, when in reality their end-users are frustrated with sluggish app responses.”

“What IT specialists need,” Mavashev continued, “is the ability to track all aspects of business transactions—from end-user request activity to back-end server behavior—and pinpoint any bottlenecks that can affect how users perceive app responsiveness. With jKool they accomplish several key goals: dramatic reduction in MTTR (mean-time-to-repair), lower operational risk, and protection of their company’s reputation.”

Regardless of the problem in question—a JavaScript error on the client, network latency, or a slow Java method—jKool instantly diagnoses probable root causes and displays them for IT specialists to review. Detailed drilldown capabilities are provided in addition to automated single-click root-cause analysis.

Natural language data query capability is another unique jKool advantage, Mavashev said. “The ability to ask interactive questions of data sources, in real-time, dramatically accelerates discovery of the hidden patterns and data outliers that enable solution of the toughest, most subtle application problems.”

Available key metrics include full breakdowns of page requests into all their components, browser-specific issues, geo-locations, top requests, worst response times, slowest loading pages, slowest server connections, and much more.

jKool is the only unified solution that analyzes user requests, logs, metrics, and transactions spanning browsers, applications, mobile, middleware, and IoT devices.

All jKool application instrumentation is open source and available @ GitHub.

About jKool, LLC
jKool, LLC provides a cloud-based operational intelligence, visualization, and analytics platform for DevOps, IoT, Retail, Finance, and Digital Healthcare. With intuitive ease-of-use and scalability to the largest of enterprise environments, jKool helps organizations with digital transformation by turning raw machine data into timely insights regarding threats, risks, and opportunities. For more information about the company, visit http://www.jkoolcloud.com.