jKool Partner Program

The jKool Partner Program offers your company an Operational Intelligence platform to expand your application analytics and visualization solutions. By leveraging our technology and your experience in reselling, you will grow your business as more of your customers and sales prospects look to the Cloud to manage their business.

When you partner with jKool, you’re working with a stable, proven solution based on the cutting edge technologies that embrace BigData, Analytics, Streaming, Clustered Computing, SaaS and more. jKool combines complex technologies into a simple, easy-to-use solution that offers multi-tenancy, analytics and broad data collection/streaming ecosystem for analyzing machine data from IoT, software, devices, applications and other data sources.

jKool expands your solution portfolio with a world leading Operational Intelligence Platform, that can be hosted on-premises, deployed in the Cloud or delivered as a SaaS.

You are already selling into markets you understand. jKool has the capabilities that your customers expect.

Partnership Benefits

Our dedicated jKool partner team is here to ensure your success. Here’s a sampling of the benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering with jKool:

  • Market Awareness. We will work with you to generate market awareness of your company and solutions, including visibility on our website with bi-directional links to your own website.
  • New Customer Acquisition. jKool will provide your company lead referrals from online inquiries, trade shows, webcasts, direct mail, telemarketing and more.
  • No costs to become a reseller.
  • jKool offers competitive margins and highly favorable volume-based discount pricing.
  • You will have support from the jKool Partner Team to ensure your success. We offer tools and training for your marketing, sales and implementation.

Partner with jKool

jKool’s Partner Program is built on the goal to make your company more competitive & differentiated in a highly crowded marketplace. We believe in reciprocal partnerships, wherein both companies equally benefit.

Partnering with jKool gives you access to a technology that provides your customers instant insight into the “stories their data has to tell”, enabling effective data driven decisions in the most time-critical situations.

jKool, LLC is an independent company spun out by Nastel Technologies. The foundation of jKool’s technology is a FastData Streaming & Analytics Platform (jKool FatPipes) that delivers valuable insights into your machine data @ scale.

If you are a re-seller, systems integrator or provide software products that complement jKool, we invite you to join our growing international partner network.

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