jKool®, LLC is located in Melville NY and was founded by a team of developers who are passionate about analytics. It is our mission to deliver high quality, easy to use, actionable analytics that helps you build Awesome Products and Grow your Business. We offer Operational Intelligence platform as a Service designed to derive meaning from high velocity machine data (FastData) in near real-time. It enables teams to analyze data from various sources such as applications (web, cloud, mobile), logs, transactions, mobile devices, IoT and help you make data driven decisions.

We are believers in open-source and as such offer an open-source data integration framework, available on GitHub. Please join our community on GitHub and contribute to the evolution of our streaming connectors.

jKool can be applied to DevOps, ITOps, SecOps, Cybersecurity, Customer Experience Management and much more. We are only limited by the imagination of those using our service.

Read more about how jKool evolved from Nastel Technologies, here.

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