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22 02, 2016

Gartner shakes up annual ranking of business analytics tools – TechTarget

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Open source tools, such as R, Python and Spark, are growing in prominence. The number of data sources available to businesses is increasing. And the need for complex event processing and
streaming analytics related to the Internet of Things is growing.

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9 02, 2016

10 Reasons Your Application is Slow

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1) Too much contention
You claim to have multi-threaded applications. Multi-threaded model does not mean faster. Your apps will not get the boost from multi-threaded model and multiple CPU/cores if you have too much contention, blocking and waiting. Review your threading model and weed out contention. Excessive contention will reduce your app performance as load […]

5 02, 2016

13 Frameworks for Mastering Machine Learning

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Machine learning has grown incrediably this past year and has quite frankly gone mainstream. It may be what we just call a “Trend” or it may be here to stay. We just know there is an explosion of frameworks now available for machine learning. ¬†All of these frameworks are open source and have been […]

15 06, 2015

8 New Big Data Projects To Watch

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Lots going on in the open-source world for big data analytics…


The big data community has a secret weapon when it comes to innovation: open source. The granddaddy of big data, Apache Hadoop, was born in open source, and its growth will come from continued innovation in done by the community in the open. Here […]