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4 08, 2016

What is machine learning, data science?

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Over recent years there has been an increasing demand for data scientists. As smartphones become more ubiquitous and the rising trend of IoTs continues, ‘big data’ analysis has never been more essential.
However, many are still confused about what data science exactly is. The tech industry emphasizes buzzwords like ‘machine learning’ and ‘big data’ (leading […]

21 04, 2016

Machine Learning Converts Big Data from Cost Center to Profit Center

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Data is growing at unprecedented rates; from social media, to digital pictures to machine data.  Machine learning takes the data and constructs it to adapt to the needs of organizations to unlock the revenue and value from data. The power of machine learning applications are able to help executives make better informed business decisions and to […]

25 02, 2016

3 Reasons Root Cause Analysis is Fundamentally Flawed

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Always the same final answer to all WHYs

Root-cause analysis = ask WHY until the answer is ‘i don’t know’, meaning that root-cause analysis inevitably arrives @ UNKNOWN or UNKNOWABLE:

Oversimplified example:

Boss: Our application is slow and end-users are unhappy, why?
You: Database is slow
Boss: Why?
You: Because our report query is taking too long.
Boss: Why?
You: Database server is out of memory.
Boss: Why???
You: I think Bob […]

30 06, 2015

Predictive Analytics Primed to Grow Among B2B Marketers

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Understanding customers, a fundamental marketing activity, is now being augmented by the ability to predict how buyers or markets are likely to behave in the future. Predictive analytics, enabled by huge volumes of data and analytical models, is the next big thing in business-to-business marketing, said Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester […]