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15 06, 2015

8 New Big Data Projects To Watch

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Lots going on in the open-source world for big data analytics…


The big data community has a secret weapon when it comes to innovation: open source. The granddaddy of big data, Apache Hadoop, was born in open source, and its growth will come from continued innovation in done by the community in the open. Here […]

3 02, 2015

A Better way to Monitor JVM Containers: StreamJMX

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StreamJMX is a better way to monitor JVM containers. Typically JVMs are monitored by using remote JMX monitoring tools. There are significant problems with this approach. Examples: how do you monitor a farm of JVMs without having and administrative headache of setting up remote JMX configurations, ports, SSL, etc etc. With all the talk about cyber security, JMX remote connectivity opens up a way for hackers to exploit these administrative ports.

StreamJMX, open source JMX streaming framework, allows a developer accomplish just that. StreamJMX allows developers to stream JMX metrics from JVM out to the central location, or any other destination.


30 01, 2015

Open-Source Connectors for jKool Streaming Analytics

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Open-Source is a type of technology and it’s also a philosophy. The technology is one where the source code is published for anyone interested to see and use. The philosophy is about letting the community drive the direction of a product as opposed to the traditional method where an individual vendor provides the product roadmap.

As a Product Manager, I know that it is all too easy for a product to drift away from the needs of the market either due to not listening to the market or over listening to one customer and only one customer. The beauty of open-source is that the market drives the product; thus, in theory at least the product or project is always in synchronization with the changing needs of the market.

At jKool we have embraced open-source and having attended All Things Open in October we know there is a vibrant community out there for this approach. We are actively creating new open-source connectors to jKool, our SaaS solution for Streaming Analytics. We have just released two new connectors. They are: […]