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15 10, 2015

Government cloud adoption efforts lag as security concerns persist

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When the Obama administration’s CIO declared that the government would move to a cloud-first policy for its technology procurements, it was sending a clear message that agencies would be expected to modernize their IT shops.

But five years later, that transition still seems like it’s in its early stages, according to Mark Kneidinger, director of […]

8 10, 2015

Spending Growth on Big Data Analytics Software Set to Continue

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Big data analytics software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are a major force behind the long-term growth in worldwide spending on enterprise application software. Many managed service providers (MSPs) are using these solutions for their clients and creating new ways to modernize all types of information infrastructure platforms.

jKool comments: big data analysis requires extreme scalability […]

4 09, 2015

Demystifying Data Governance: What it Is and What it’s Not

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A formal data governance program is essential to ensuring data quality throughout an organization. Christophe Marcant of Stibo Systems describes the role of data governance programs and standards in a data-driven organization.

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10 08, 2015

Optimize IT Performance with Big Data Analytics

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Big data analytics is being brought to bear on just about any business problem you can think of these days, including internal operations. Departments from sales to customer service to human resources have tapped big data analytics for insights into ways to improve productivity, streamline processes, and cut costs. This is true even for […]

10 08, 2015

The cloud helps enterprises break chains shackling IT

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At Nordstrom, the cloud is all about freeing up IT workers so they can focus on getting new apps and features into customers’ hands instead of wasting time putting servers into racks. “Before we were in the cloud, we had a shared services model with groups that maintained storage and databases” and the like, […]

3 08, 2015

Diversity of Applications Keeps Data Analytics Growing

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Over the last decade, data analytics has exploded from a niche field with narrow applications and a hefty price tag to a broad set of more cost-efficient processes applicable in dozens of industries. Industries such as manufacturing and retail already are leveraging valuable data generated by billions of devices to provide new levels of […]

27 07, 2015

Can’t Find a Data Scientist? Turn to a Business Analyst

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McKinsey reports that the United States faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 data scientists, plus a need for 1.5 million managers and analysts who can work with these data scientists. Droves of professionals are studying for data science certification and the lucrative salary it can bring them. But there is a lag for […]

19 05, 2015

Cloud Computing Technology: A Manufacturing Necessity

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Cloud computing technology is becoming more relevant in the manufacturing sector, according to new research from IDC. CSPs that work with manufacturing companies have an open window of opportunity to assist their clients through both public and private cloud computing.

Adopting the Cloud

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12 05, 2015

Business Intelligence and Analytics: An Industry Priority

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Often BI and Streaming Analytics are confused as the same thing…They aren’t.  Streaming analytics provides real-time visualization and analytics with analysis happening in memory.  BI is most often a batch process…

Financial institutions are shifting priorities, placing business intelligence and analytics above security as they develop their services to fit online and mobile platforms. This […]

17 02, 2015

Behavioral Biometric Technology Possibilities

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Security can be improved in the future by using  behavioral biometrics.  This involves monitoring the behavior of users and utilizing the behavior analysis to verify the user is really who they say they are.
ID verification methods are increasingly incorporating behavioral biometric technology. According to recent news reports, the U.S. military is looking into a […]