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18 05, 2017

From Big Data to Fast Data

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Big data is old news. Today, the key to leveraging data effectively is to do fast data.

In a similar fashion, traditional incident management-which entails collecting and analyzing large volumes of monitoring information-is no longer enough. Organizations must also now do “fast monitoring,” which means not only collecting monitoring data; but making it actionable in […]

14 02, 2017

How You Can Improve Customer Experience With Fast Data Analytics

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In today’s constantly connected world, customers expect more than ever before from the companies they do business with. With the emergence of big data, businesses have been able to better meet and exceed customer expectations thanks to analytics and data science. However, the role of data in your business’ success doesn’t end with big data – now you can take your data mining and analytics to the next level to improve customer service and your business’ overall customer experience faster than you ever thought possible.
Fast data is basically the next step for analysis and application of large data sets (big data). With fast data, big data analytics can be applied to smaller data sets in real time to solve a number of problems for businesses across multiple industries. The goal of fast data analytics services is to mine raw data in real time and provide actionable information that businesses can use to improve their customer experience.
“Fast data analytics allows you to
turn raw data into actionable insights instantly”
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15 11, 2016

When Big Data Isn’t Enough – You Need Fast Data!

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Big data is getting bigger all the time, but that’s only half the story. The ever-growing amount of information streaming in from sensors, point-of-sales, social media and clickstreams means that enterprises must now, more than ever, have the capabilities to react quickly. Data, after all, has a shelf life. It’s all very well if […]

21 10, 2016

Fast data analytics requires even faster governance

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Organisations within regulated industries, for example, need to exercise caution with applications or use cases that leverage nearly instantaneous insight. For fast data analytics and insight, an updated and flexible policy framework is needed to accommodate the discovery of potentially noncompliant trends and information.

Real-time analytics needs supervision

Today, the need for compliance-focused supervision over fast […]

7 09, 2016

Machine Learning Becomes Mainstream: How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage

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First there was big data – extremely large data sets that made it possible to use data analytics to reveal patterns and trends, allowing businesses to improve customer relations and production efficiency. Then came fast data analytics – the application of big data analytics in real-time to help solve issues with customer relations, security, […]

2 09, 2016

Hacking into Swift Payment System – Can It Be Prevented?

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The cyber-attacks described recently in Reuters highlight the vulnerabilities and weaknesses impacting banks using the SWIFT messaging system for payment processing.

The hackers tried to steal nearly $1 billion dollars. As in any criminal activity of this scale, the perpetrators are experts, creative and focused on their goals to break in and steal. They are […]

3 08, 2016

Too much big data running through my brain

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Big Data by all accounts is supposed to help humans perform better by augmenting our limited brain power. Computers, after all, have the ability to crunch data with lightning speed, something humans just haven’t been built to do.

Conventional tech wisdom states that the more data you have, the better the outcome — even if that […]

25 07, 2016

6 ‘data’ buzzwords you need to understand – Fast Data

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Take one major trend spanning the business and technology worlds, add countless vendors and consultants hoping to cash in, and what do you get? A whole lot of buzzwords with unclear definitions.

In the world of big data, the surrounding hype has spawned a brand-new lingo. Need a little clarity? Read on for a glossary of […]

18 07, 2016

What Is The Right Way Of Using Big Data For Business Excellence?

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Using Big Data for business success is undoubtedly a smart move, but only when implemented orderly. The responsibility for the initiatives and implementation starts with properly understanding & organizing it before bringing in the voluminous data. Since most of the companies have leadership and capabilities vacuum for Big Data and Analytics, therefore, making it […]

1 07, 2016

‘Big Data’ Is No Longer Enough: It’s Now All About ‘Fast Data’

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Data is growing at a faster rate than ever before. By 2020, every person online will create roughly 1.7 megabytes of new data every second of every day, and that’s on top of the 44 zettabytes (or 44 trillion gigabytes) of data that will exist in the digital universe by that time.

Given this ever-increasing amount of available data — […]