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28 09, 2017

Internet Of (Medical) Things In Healthcare

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Internet Of (Medical) Things In Healthcare

Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things have brought many opportunities business and consumers alike.

The IoT means connecting devices and extracting, storing, processing and analyzing data from them in big data platforms that can then be leveraged for better decision making. It helps in predicting certain outcomes thereby helping with […]

13 09, 2017

The importance of big data and analytics in the era of digital transformation

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Big data and analytics are topics firmly embedded in our business dialogue. The amount of data we’re now generating is astonishing.

Data has also evolved dramatically in recent years, in type, volume, and velocity – with its rapid evolution attributed to the widespread digitisation of business processes globally. Data has become the new business currency […]

21 07, 2017

Not Easy To Get To Digital Transformation Jump-off Point

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To become a driver of new digital capabilities, IT must undergo its own transformation, becoming more “responsive, customer-centric and innovative” as a business partner. That’s easy enough for the authors to say, but how to do it and keep all systems running while entering the brave, new digital world remains an illusory goal for […]

18 04, 2017

5 ways Digital Transformation will impact your culture

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5 ways Digital Transformation will impact your culture:

1) Agility

As you might imagine, culture affects strategic agility mainly in the attitude of the business to change, while many other cultural and workforce aspects impact both organizational agility and operational agility.

2) Collaboration

New business models have proven to be very successful by improved relationships with unexpected partners. It can even turn industries on their heads. Lastly, businesses need to pay more attention to new start-ups offering innovative solutions – and  learn how to work with them to exploit new innovations in a timely manner.

3) Customer Intimacy or “Centricity”

The advent of intelligent “things”, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence together with improvements in connectivity and communications are creating new, timely insights into customer behavior and the ability to both anticipate needs as well as address needs in real time. This allows companies to become much more customer centric in their thinking and dictates new ways in which to interact with them.


9 03, 2017

Top 10 Insurtech Trends for 2017

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The beginning of a new year is usually the time to predict key trends for the year to come, and so it goes with the insurtech sector as well. Most lists focus on the latest sexy technologies and applications. But, after a year, we find these have hardly gained any traction and so cannot really […]

22 02, 2017

What are the technology trends for 2017 and beyond?

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What are the technology trends for 2017 and beyond? Networking, connectivity, security, artificial intelligence and workforce engagement – these are what is changing the way we live and work, and driving new business models and use cases.
Mike Weston, Vice President of Cisco Middle East, looks at these different points of technology inflexion that will […]

21 02, 2017

What does digital transformation mean for your industry?

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What does digital transformation mean for your industry? Cloud technology continues to disrupt existing business models across industries, including manufacturing, food and retail.

With a powerful, scalable computing power that can harness machine learning, the internet of things and actionable intelligence, there is no doubt cloud technology drives better decision making.

Modern cloud technology enables companies […]