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22 05, 2017

Solution Providers Say Focus On Application, DevOps Security At All-Time High

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Solution Providers Say Focus On Application, DevOps Security At All-Time High

The latest trend on the rise in the security market has solution providers and vendors making investments to position themselves to help customers secure their applications.

Andrew Howard, CTO of Switzerland-based Kudelski Security, said a growing threat landscape and an expanding application footprint have laid […]

12 12, 2016

Unlock the cloud’s full value: Make devops mandatory

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Most people who are good with cloud technology are also good with devops. That’s not an accident: It’s impossible to get the full value out of cloud computing unless it’s done in the context of automated devops.

Why is automated devops so important? It’s a competitive advantage that creates faster time to market. Organizations that […]

20 10, 2016

The ROI of DevOps: 5 Key Metrics

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“DevOps” is short for “Development and Operations,” but there is nothing concise about this term. DevOps has become so loaded, complex, and contentious that I can’t discuss the return on investment (ROI) without defining it first.

Think about DevOps this way: there are martial arts, there is jujutsu, and there is judo, an offshoot of jujutsu that you saw in the Rio Olympics. Software development is martial arts, Agile is jujutsu, and DevOps is judo.

Six traits distinguish DevOps and produce the ROI we seek to measure:

1. Continuous Integration (CI): A process in which developers and testers validate new code.

2. Continuous Delivery (CD): The process of creating releasable artifacts.

3. Dynamic Cloud infrastructure: The virtualization of infrastructure that optimizes computing resources.

4. Test Automation: The scripts that carry out both functional and interface testing.

5. Security Automation: The scripts that perform security checks, increasingly known as DevSecOps

6. Monitoring: Constant measurement of the environment to proactively address issues

Development, operations, and quality assurance (QA) work collaboratively to make DevOps possible. They do DevOps not because it’s hip and mystifying, but rather to meet business objectives. Let’s be frank: companies spend a boatload on development expecting to make a ship-ton of money.


29 06, 2016

2016 State of DevOps Report: The top 3 takeaways

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The 2016 State of DevOps Report was just published today, and as one of the authors, I’m very excited about a few key trends we’re seeing.

Each year, we look at what is happening in the world of software development and delivery and then summarize and present the results. After five years and over 25,000 responses, our […]

15 06, 2016

Where’s the Heat? Talking DevOps, Use Cases and More

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Transitioning your organization from a traditional IT infrastructure into the world of DevOps is certainly a journey. Sometimes a long one, with many obstacles, but undoubtedly a voyage with a worthwhile prize at the end. Many organizations just embarking on their DevOps journey find themselves wondering, what use cases should they attack first? And […]

16 03, 2016

In DevOps, Business and Operations Metrics Both Matter

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As you know by now, DevOps is all about culture and approaching the adoption process with “open arms”. A change in culture must be addressed and the way teams across and within silos communicate and collaborate spurs a change as well. When it comes down to it, every aspect of the organization requires some […]

4 03, 2016

Marrying DevOps With The Cloud

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Tools and Technology are important, however by themselves they don’t provide the same amount of value as combing DevOps and Cloud together. In order for DevOps to marry the cloud successfully, enterprises must address a few core objectives in order for the union to be successful. There should be a continuous process that includes […]

25 02, 2016

3 Reasons Root Cause Analysis is Fundamentally Flawed

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Always the same final answer to all WHYs

Root-cause analysis = ask WHY until the answer is ‘i don’t know’, meaning that root-cause analysis inevitably arrives @ UNKNOWN or UNKNOWABLE:

Oversimplified example:

Boss: Our application is slow and end-users are unhappy, why?
You: Database is slow
Boss: Why?
You: Because our report query is taking too long.
Boss: Why?
You: Database server is out of memory.
Boss: Why???
You: I think Bob […]

23 02, 2016

5 ways to spice up DevOps with jKool

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Eliminate finger pointing, reduce blame

jKool allows application owners to track and audit transactions; from browser all the way to application servers and middleware. Ability to track transactions is critical if you want to know if your app is slow; and where and why it is slow. How often is the blame placed on you or your team […]

23 02, 2016

An Inconvenient Truth About DevOps

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When a company is in the beginning stages of development, often times development operations is often overlooked. Primarily from the start, SaaS start ups are filled with application developers and the main focus for the company is “customer driven”. However, the importance of DevOps has been a heated discussion. When should a company begin […]