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19 10, 2017

How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

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How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be force multipliers for under-staffed security teams needing to respond faster and more effectively to cyber threats.

What are artificial intelligence and machine learning?

In a cybersecurity context, AI is software that perceives its environment well enough to identify events and take action against a predefined purpose. AI is particularly good at recognizing patterns and anomalies within them, which makes it an excellent tool to detect threats.

Machine learning is often used with AI. It is software that can “learn” on its own based on human input and results of actions taken. Together with AI, machine learning can become a tool to predict outcomes based on past events.


10 05, 2017

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things presents a unique and evolving challenge, requiring new approaches and fresh thinking, from the cybersecurity sector.

At such large scales, the monitoring and analysis of devices and networks, updating of security policies and software, the identification and patching of vulnerabilities, and the deployment of remediation measures in the event of sabotage […]

5 04, 2017

AI, IoT, CyberSecurity, APIs and Automation

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5 Drivers of Business Disruption in 2017: AI, IoT, CyberSecurity, APIs and Automation
AI: AI platforms are transforming the way that businesses are run, offering in depth analytics and streamlined B2C interaction. These applications will skyrocket in 2017 entering every part of our daily lives.

IoT: In 2017 IoT will finally come of age moving from […]

31 03, 2017

Fighting cybercrime using IoT and AI-based automation

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Fighting cybercrime using IoT and AI-based automation

Last November, detectives investigating a murder case in Bentonville, Arkansas, accessed utility data from a smart meter to determine that 140 gallons of water had been used at the victim’s home between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. It was more water than had been used at the home […]

28 02, 2017

How To Build A Cybersecurity Strategy For 2017

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Technology changes faster than most business can keep up with. The proliferation of mobile technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing has changed the types of “assets” connected to networks. Implementing cybersecurity “best practices” across an increasingly unstructured and decentralized network is one of the most vexing challenges facing companies today.

Traditional cybersecurity […]

23 01, 2017

New York Department of Financial Services Issues Updated Proposed Cybersecurity Regulation

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On December 28, 2016, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS“) announced that it has updated its proposed first‑in‑the‑nation cybersecurity regulation. The proposed regulation, which will be effective March 1, 2017, will require banks, insurance companies and other financial services institutions regulated by DFS to adopt a cybersecurity program by assessing its specific risk […]

15 09, 2016

Two security lies you must avoid

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It won’t happen to you

We tend to be more optimistic about our own future than we are about others.  This can be a good thing when it leads us to take risks and try new business ventures but it can be unhealthy when it prevents us from seeing the reality of a situation.  It […]

2 09, 2016

Hacking into Swift Payment System – Can It Be Prevented?

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The cyber-attacks described recently in Reuters highlight the vulnerabilities and weaknesses impacting banks using the SWIFT messaging system for payment processing.

The hackers tried to steal nearly $1 billion dollars. As in any criminal activity of this scale, the perpetrators are experts, creative and focused on their goals to break in and steal. They are […]

2 06, 2016

Strengthen Your Cyber Defense with Big Data and AI

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Security-focused executives need to understand the benefits of these technologies – AI, machine learning, streaming analytics, and advanced visualization techniques – and incorporate them into their planning processes if they are to survive and thrive in the digital age. An integrated approach that brings these technologies together can help turn cyber defenders into cyber […]

1 02, 2016

Replacing Judgment with Algorithms

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China is considering a new “social credit” system, designed to rate everyone’s trustworthiness. Many fear that it will become a tool of social control — but in reality it has a lot in common with the algorithms and systems that score and classify us all every day.

Human judgment is being replaced by automatic algorithms, […]