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13 09, 2017

The importance of big data and analytics in the era of digital transformation

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Big data and analytics are topics firmly embedded in our business dialogue. The amount of data we’re now generating is astonishing.

Data has also evolved dramatically in recent years, in type, volume, and velocity – with its rapid evolution attributed to the widespread digitisation of business processes globally. Data has become the new business currency […]

23 08, 2017

Why Is Risk Analytics Important?

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The rise of big data, computing power, and advanced analytics enables companies to gain valuable insights from data. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and drones are just a few innovative tools now available to help companies gain a more complete view of their businesses and make better decisions. For risk managers, […]

21 08, 2017

How Big Data Drives AI

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Big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.

Advancements in technology have allowed companies to gather copious amounts of data on consumer behavior and internal processes — more data than they can effectively put to use. In most cases, this creates loads of missed opportunities to learn and apply the data to better connect with consumers and optimize business strategies.

Companies can leverage this surplus of big data, however, by combining it with machine learning to perform faster and more complex analytical tasks than what humans are feasibly capable of. Essentially, big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.


10 07, 2017

Cooking With Big Data? Let AI Create Your Next Recipe

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Can food and big data cook up a tasty collaboration?

You bet your biscuits they can.

It used to be that this sort of creative work — developing new recipes, discovering new flavor combinations — were the sole purview of human chefs. But computer scientists are proving that AI algorithms can be creative, too.

Computers have been […]

5 07, 2017

Challenges of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

By |July 5th, 2017|Big Data, Big Data Analytics, healthcare|0 Comments

Big data analytics is turning out to be one of the toughest undertakings in recent memory for the healthcare industry. 

Providers who have barely come to grips with putting data into their electronic health records (EHR) are now being asked to pull actionable insights out of them – and apply those learnings to complicated initiatives […]

3 07, 2017

The Four Essential V’s for a Big Data Analytics Platform

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With a big data analytics platform, manufacturers can achieve robust and rapid reporting that ensures successful compliance audits. And by carefully considering volume, velocity, variety and veracity, big data provides the insights business decision makers need to keep pace with shifting consumer trends.

In the digital world, this means understanding the customer is of paramount […]

14 06, 2017

Why AI Would Be Nothing Without Big Data

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative forces of our times. While there may be debate whether AI will transform our world in good or evil ways, something we can all agree on is that AI would be nothing without big data.

AI enabled by big data

Businesses in all industries are joining AI […]

2 06, 2017

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy

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10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy

Leaders should always be asking themselves What’s new?, What’s next? and What’s better?; that’s where the future is. And we can take deliberate steps to answers those questions…

What technologies will drive the biggest changes in industries over the next 10 to 20 years and create the […]

18 05, 2017

From Big Data to Fast Data

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Big data is old news. Today, the key to leveraging data effectively is to do fast data.

In a similar fashion, traditional incident management-which entails collecting and analyzing large volumes of monitoring information-is no longer enough. Organizations must also now do “fast monitoring,” which means not only collecting monitoring data; but making it actionable in […]

28 04, 2017

Big Data Analytics is Changing Your Work

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Application of Big Data in today’s companies

But what is already happening? How Big Data Analytics is changing your work?

There are different ways in which Big Data is already having an impact on business processes:

At the core, analytics dashboards gives us the ability to go in-depth with sources of data and emerging trends, thus helping […]