Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?

Imagine yourself the following situation:  You are sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a lecture on mechanics, bored to death, fantasizing the moment you kiss your girlfriend you’ve been dating for the last two months (love is in the air!) Only three more hours to go! Suddenly your i-Relation app sends you the following text: “Hey Josh, watch out! There is a chance of 95% that you are going to have a serious fight with Emily today!” “Oh darn!” you must be thinking, but wait! This app has just saved your ass. You are sending to the love of your life the following text message: “Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry, but something has come up, and I cannot see you today, let’s meet tomorrow instead.” She sends back a sad smiley. Looks like she is a bit disappointed, but tomorrow you will meet her, everything will be forgiven and together you will have a great time!

Is this scenario realistic?

Well, at least some of it. With the power of Machine/Deep Learning this app is really doable. “How”? You probably ask yourself. To answer that, let’s take a break talking about conflicts in relationships, and discuss some basic ideas in Machine Learning (ML). This “hot” field in artificial intelligence (AI) is used today by every major IT company, and provides prediction in almost every field: human behavior, spam detection, financial trending, smart cars navigation, appropriate medical treatments and more.


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