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Cooking With Big Data? Let AI Create Your Next Recipe

Can food and big data cook up a tasty collaboration?

You bet your biscuits they can.

It used to be that this sort of creative work — developing new recipes, discovering new flavor combinations — were the sole purview of human chefs. But computer scientists are proving that AI algorithms can be creative, too.

Computers have been […]

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Capture, Understand and Recognize Data Patterns to Win the Competitive Advantage: Cloud Computing

Every business leader must recognize the crucial role technology will play throughout their industry. And while many organizations have reevaluated their business intelligence to assist in areas such as production and operations proactively, the oil and gas industry is one sector that has been slow to adopt.

Capture Data: Cloud Computing

Cost – of IT, […]

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Challenges of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Big data analytics is turning out to be one of the toughest undertakings in recent memory for the healthcare industry. 

Providers who have barely come to grips with putting data into their electronic health records (EHR) are now being asked to pull actionable insights out of them – and apply those learnings to complicated initiatives […]

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The Four Essential V’s for a Big Data Analytics Platform

With a big data analytics platform, manufacturers can achieve robust and rapid reporting that ensures successful compliance audits. And by carefully considering volume, velocity, variety and veracity, big data provides the insights business decision makers need to keep pace with shifting consumer trends.

In the digital world, this means understanding the customer is of paramount […]

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3 Tips for Managing Data in the IoT Context

Here are three tips for managing data in the IoT context to make sure your enterprise is ready to handle the explosion of IoT data elegantly.

1. Data Diversity

There is a lot of fragmentation today in the IoT sphere at all levels.

Apart from a lack of standard in device types and platforms a bigger divide […]

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5 Ways The IoT Will Transform The Insurance Industry

The U.S. Insurance industry is the world’s largest insurance market where 6,118 companies, employing 2.5 million people, have net annual premiums of $1.1 trillion. Yet, despite its size and overall financial health, the insurance industry is likely to experience profound change driven by a fast growing and ubiquitous force – The Internet of Things […]

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Three Ways IoT Is Shaping Consumer Behavior

1. The IoT is a new source of observational data for machine learning algorithms
A number of machine learning algorithms deal with predictive modeling. For example, a Fitbit tracker measures data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. While health apps […]

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Why AI Would Be Nothing Without Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative forces of our times. While there may be debate whether AI will transform our world in good or evil ways, something we can all agree on is that AI would be nothing without big data.

AI enabled by big data

Businesses in all industries are joining AI […]

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Predictive Analytics: Making sense of big data with machine learning

Predictive Analytics : Making sense of big data with machine learning

Garbage In, Garbage Out:

Predictive analytics is only as accurate as the quality of the original sets of data sets mined. Ensure that you are constantly honing your analytics processes to get the most valuable insights and predictions for the future from the data you […]

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The Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science and data analytics: people working in the tech field or other related industries probably hear these terms all the time, often interchangeably. However, although they may sound similar, the terms are often quite different and have differing implications for business. Knowing how to use the terms correctly can have a large impact […]

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