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How Big Data Drives AI

Big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.

Advancements in technology have allowed companies to gather copious amounts of data on consumer behavior and internal processes — more data than they can effectively put to use. In most cases, this creates loads of missed opportunities to learn and apply the data to better connect with consumers and optimize business strategies.

Companies can leverage this surplus of big data, however, by combining it with machine learning to perform faster and more complex analytical tasks than what humans are feasibly capable of. Essentially, big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.


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Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?

Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?

Imagine yourself the following situation:  You are sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a lecture on mechanics, bored to death, fantasizing the moment you kiss your girlfriend you’ve been dating for the last two months (love is in the air!) Only three […]

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What’s Next For Deep Learning?

There are a lot of things that are next for deep learning. Instead of thinking of moving forward in one direction, think of expanding outward in many directions:

Better reinforcement learning/integration of deep learning and reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning algorithms that can reliably learn how to control robots, etc.
Better generative models. Algorithms that […]

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What AI-enhanced healthcare could look like in 5 years

With the rising availability (and accompanying burden) of such rich informational resources, medical and healthcare practices are being reimagined on every front. Leveraging this explosion of data will create a complete transformation of both markets and service delivery norms. Data-consuming AI solutions will occupy a central role in this revolution.

Within five years, the healthcare […]

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How firms are using artificial intelligence to up their game

After decades of false starts, artificial intelligence (AI) is already pervasive in our lives. Although invisible to most people, features such as custom search engine results, social media alerts and notifications, e-commerce recommendations and listings are powered by AI-based algorithms and models. AI is fast turning out to be the key utility of the […]

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Not Easy To Get To Digital Transformation Jump-off Point

To become a driver of new digital capabilities, IT must undergo its own transformation, becoming more “responsive, customer-centric and innovative” as a business partner. That’s easy enough for the authors to say, but how to do it and keep all systems running while entering the brave, new digital world remains an illusory goal for […]

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5 Ways to Derive Value From Asset Performance Management Data

On it’s own, raw, unprocessed asset performance management data can’t provide actionable insight into facility operations. To improve performance and extract needles of operational meaning from the data haystack, you’ll need to visualize information streams and run analyses.

Here are five ways operations personnel can derive value from their APM data:

1.  Track Dependencies Within Device Groups

Dependencies alert you to how the […]

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Internet of Things: Opportunity for Financial Services?

Will financial services be able to leverage the vast amount of insight available from Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the benefit of the consumer as well as the institution? A report from Deloitte and insights from several banking leaders provides a glimpse into the future.
By Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and […]

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Tools for Making Machine Learning Easier and Smoother

Learn new methods for using deep learning to gain actionable insights from rich, complex data.

During the past decade, enterprises have begun using machine learning (ML) to collect and analyze large amounts of data to obtain a competitive advantage. Now some are looking to go even deeper – using a subset of machine learning techniques […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Expansion, Adoption and the Value for Business Intelligence

Here are some of the trends we’ll start to see in the coming months:

The expansion of Artificial Intelligence. We’ve seen and heard a lot of speculation about the industries that will benefit the most from AI, and we’ll continue to see improvements as more and more companies adopt the technology and more of the […]

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