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Internet Of (Medical) Things In Healthcare

Internet Of (Medical) Things In Healthcare

Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things have brought many opportunities business and consumers alike.

The IoT means connecting devices and extracting, storing, processing and analyzing data from them in big data platforms that can then be leveraged for better decision making. It helps in predicting certain outcomes thereby helping with […]

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Why Startups Need Business Analytics

Large global enterprises have long been exploiting the benefits of business analytics. For startups and SMEs, however, it’s a different story. Recent research from One Poll found that 56% of SMEs rarely or infrequently check their business’s data, while 3% have never looked at it at all.

The advantages of data analytics to enterprises of […]

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The importance of big data and analytics in the era of digital transformation

Big data and analytics are topics firmly embedded in our business dialogue. The amount of data we’re now generating is astonishing.

Data has also evolved dramatically in recent years, in type, volume, and velocity – with its rapid evolution attributed to the widespread digitisation of business processes globally. Data has become the new business currency […]

Incorporating IoT? Plan to Incorporate Cybersecurity

The Internet of Things is rapidly capturing the attention of mainstream consumers both domestically and abroad. With a primary focus on interconnectivity, IoT-enabled devices like smart appliances and their corresponding smartphone apps are already making our daily lives easier. Such products are becoming so popular that it will soon be difficult to imagine life […]

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The dynamics between AI and IoT

The dynamics between AI and IoT

AI is based on Deep Learning algorithms. Deep Learning involves automatic feature detection from data. AI techniques can be applied to a range of Data types including: Images and sound (CNNs), Transactional data, Sequences (LSTMs), Text (Natural Language Processing) and Behaviour (Reinforcement learning). With this background,let us see how […]

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Why Is Risk Analytics Important?

The rise of big data, computing power, and advanced analytics enables companies to gain valuable insights from data. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and drones are just a few innovative tools now available to help companies gain a more complete view of their businesses and make better decisions. For risk managers, […]

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How Big Data Drives AI

Big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.

Advancements in technology have allowed companies to gather copious amounts of data on consumer behavior and internal processes — more data than they can effectively put to use. In most cases, this creates loads of missed opportunities to learn and apply the data to better connect with consumers and optimize business strategies.

Companies can leverage this surplus of big data, however, by combining it with machine learning to perform faster and more complex analytical tasks than what humans are feasibly capable of. Essentially, big data empowers machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the greater amount of data available, the easier it will be for these systems to learn and function.


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Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?

Can a Machine Learning algorithm predict the next fight with your girlfriend?

Imagine yourself the following situation:  You are sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a lecture on mechanics, bored to death, fantasizing the moment you kiss your girlfriend you’ve been dating for the last two months (love is in the air!) Only three […]

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What’s Next For Deep Learning?

There are a lot of things that are next for deep learning. Instead of thinking of moving forward in one direction, think of expanding outward in many directions:

Better reinforcement learning/integration of deep learning and reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning algorithms that can reliably learn how to control robots, etc.
Better generative models. Algorithms that […]

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What AI-enhanced healthcare could look like in 5 years

With the rising availability (and accompanying burden) of such rich informational resources, medical and healthcare practices are being reimagined on every front. Leveraging this explosion of data will create a complete transformation of both markets and service delivery norms. Data-consuming AI solutions will occupy a central role in this revolution.

Within five years, the healthcare […]

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