A Better way to Monitor JVM Containers: StreamJMX

A Better way to Monitor JVM Containers: StreamJMX

StreamJMX a better way to monitor JVMsStreamJMX is a better way to monitor JVM containers. Typically JVMs are monitored by using remote JMX monitoring tools. There are significant problems with this approach. Examples: how do you monitor a farm of JVMs without having and administrative headache of setting up remote JMX configurations, ports, SSL, etc etc. With all the talk about cyber security, JMX remote connectivity opens up a way for hackers to exploit these administrative ports.

StreamJMX, open source JMX streaming framework, allows a developer accomplish just that. StreamJMX allows developers to stream JMX metrics from JVM out to the central location, or any other destination.

Get StreamJMX here.

Here are some of the features of StreamJMX:

  • Periodic JVM heartbeat* Monitor memory utilization, GC activity, memory leaks
  • High/Low, normal vs. abnormal CPU usage
  • Monitor threading, run-time and other JVM performance metrics
  • Monitor standard and custom MBean attributes
  • Conditional actions based on MBean attribute values
  • Conditional streaming based on custom filters
  • Application state dumps on VM shutdown for diagnostics

StreamJMX project is open source and released under Apache 2 license.  StreamJMX can be used with jKool or your own environment.  Please join us on the project and add in your ideas.  For more information go here.

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