6 things your ops team desperatelyIT operations deserves more recognition, more praise, and more acclaim as part of the DevOps team. It’s time they were championed, and here’s how to do it: Here are the six things that your ops team would desperately like to hear you say.

1. “Thank you for building a battle-tested environment”

2. “You know what, let’s not throw out our processes to follow a hot new trend”

3. “We need your help thinking about the digitization of our business”

4. “Tell me more about the tools you’re excited about”

5. “What can I do to help you automate more of your processes?”

6. “You’re rock stars, too.”

There you have it. Six ways to make operations feel more appreciated. So the next time you see us, try out one of these statements.


This article originally appeared in TechBeacon .  To read the full article, click here.