shot2Eliminate finger pointing, reduce blame

jKool allows application owners to track and audit transactions; from browser all the way to application servers and middleware. Ability to track transactions is critical if you want to know if your app is slow; and where and why it is slow. How often is the blame placed on you or your team for the problem that isn’t really a problem? How many hours are wasted on conference calls trying to figure out where the bottleneck is and what needs to be done to fix it?


Find application problems faster with log analytics
Most developers still use logs for problem diagnostics. jKool can help you consolidate all your logs across all your apps and servers allowing your team to see the big picture without jumping from log to log, system to system, console to console. Having all your logs accessible via a simple query language (JKQL) will help your team find and fix application problems much faster.

Know what your end-users do with your app
jKool provides a rich ecosystem of open source data collectors including browser and server side instrumentation. Browser and server instrumentation will help you measure end-user experience and application usage such as: URLs,  features used/unused, page hits, geographic locations, time spent on browser vs. server, rendering rates, connectivity issues, error rates, and application server bottlenecks.

Application performance & anomaly detection
jKool delivers a set of collectors for measuring application performance including JMX, JEE, method profiling, GC performance, response time, WebServices, JMS, SQL, LDAP and more. Pin-point bottlenecks in test/QA and production before problems affect your end-users. How do you know what metrics to pay attention to? You can use jKool’s anomaly detection to find hidden patterns in your data.  jKool Query Language (JKQL) provides out-of-the-box expressions to find anomalies without having to analyze mountains of data manually.

Shared metrics across Dev, Ops and the Business
Use jKool to consolidate and aggregate logs, metrics, performance, transactions and deliver dashboards to Dev, Ops and your Business. Jumping from tool to tool to get a fragmented view of your environment saps productivity, misses the context and wastes valuable time you could have spent on innovation. Having shared metrics across the whole application helps Dev and Ops drive productivity, reduce release cycles and improve service quality.

Bottom line: Having a shared set of metrics across your whole application will improve team collaboration and productivity enabling you to focus on innovation. jKool is all about consolidating, digesting and analyzing raw machine data from any data source so that you can focus on your app while jKool does all the heavy lifting.