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Solution Providers Say Focus On Application, DevOps Security At All-Time High

Solution Providers Say Focus On Application, DevOps Security At All-Time High

The latest trend on the rise in the security market has solution providers and vendors making investments to position themselves to help customers secure their applications.

Andrew Howard, CTO of Switzerland-based Kudelski Security, said a growing threat landscape and an expanding application footprint have laid […]

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From Big Data to Fast Data

Big data is old news. Today, the key to leveraging data effectively is to do fast data.

In a similar fashion, traditional incident management-which entails collecting and analyzing large volumes of monitoring information-is no longer enough. Organizations must also now do “fast monitoring,” which means not only collecting monitoring data; but making it actionable in […]

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Introduction to Machine Learning for Developers

Today’s developers often hear about leveraging machine learning algorithms in order to build more intelligent applications, but many don’t know where to start.

One of the most important aspects of developing smart applications is to understand the underlying ML models, even if you aren’t the person building them. Whether you are integrating a recommendation system […]

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How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Digital Enterprises

According to the prediction of IDC Futurescapes, Two-thirds of Global 2000 Enterprises CEOs will center their corporate strategy on digital transformation. A major part of the strategy should include machine learning (ML) solutions. The implementation of these solutions could change how these enterprises view customer value and internal operating model today.

If you want to […]

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Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things presents a unique and evolving challenge, requiring new approaches and fresh thinking, from the cybersecurity sector.

At such large scales, the monitoring and analysis of devices and networks, updating of security policies and software, the identification and patching of vulnerabilities, and the deployment of remediation measures in the event of sabotage […]

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How Banks Can Utilize Machine Learning

There are clearly great benefits that any company can gain from machine learning, but there is a huge potential for banks in particular because of the enormous amounts of data available. Banks can use organizational data to reduce operational costs, financial and market data to react quicker and with more agility in response to competitors, […]

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Managing Customer Relationships using Data Mining

The way in which companies interact with their customers has changed dramatically over the past few years. A customer’s continuing business is no longer guaranteed. As a result, companies have found that they need to understand their customers better, and to quickly respond to their wants and needs. In addition, the time frame in […]

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Big Data Analytics: What Is There In Store For 2017 And Beyond

Big data has come in a big way and is gaining momentum in the same way. In a very short period, it has become a familiar phenomenon all across the globe. So much so that it is no longer a new technology. In fact, it is introducing newer terms and technologies as a rider. […]

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5 Ways Machine Learning Has Influenced The Modern Cloud

The cloud-computing industry is going through a gradual shift towards becoming an intelligent cloud. While compute, storage, and networking continue to be the revenue spinners for cloud vendors, it is machine learning that is becoming the focal point of the contemporary cloud.


Here are five cloud services that are highly influenced by machine learning.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive […]

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Big Data Analytics is Changing Your Work

Application of Big Data in today’s companies

But what is already happening? How Big Data Analytics is changing your work?

There are different ways in which Big Data is already having an impact on business processes:

At the core, analytics dashboards gives us the ability to go in-depth with sources of data and emerging trends, thus helping […]

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